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Vantaggi delle ville indipendenti

GIPA plus

Easy to build

Your single villa turnkey, in 5 months form authorization permissions. All the procedures are managed by GIPA, without additional costs. The ecologically sustainable villas, are all built on one floor, with a pitched roof or a flat one, customizable in the distribution of internal spaces. Suitable for families who are looking for autonomy and who care the saving and the energy efficiency ( A4 class)

Anti-seismic house with a strong thermal insulation

The single villa GIPA is projected and certified as anti-seismic, in the respect of the the current regulations, and it is realized with forefront materials .Through the cut of thermal bridges and accurate building constructions, it has obtained the A4 energy class, thank to that, it is possible to lower the costs related to the heating and the cooling of the rooms.

Specification and high finishes

detailed specification, with technical references and high quality finishes. Energy efficiency certified by A4 class.

Minimal energy costs

Totally electrical and equipped with photovoltaic system. Possibility to install an energy store to cut the management costs. Independent villa in certified A4 class.

Important Tax advantages

The single villas GIPA are located in residential areas. It will be applied the 4% VAT on the purchase price in case of first house and the 10% in case of second house; the recovery of 50% of the building construction of the garage certified in the 10 years following the purchase is previewed as tax deduction from the income declaration. Fix a data to discover all the advantages that you are able to benefit.

Example of internal planimetry of Villa GIPA
planimetria interna villa GIPA


GIPA has developed a new concept in the building that allows to realize functional houses, anti-seismic, ecologically sustainable, without shared expenses in the traditional housing. Realized in record times with excellent finishes and comfort at an affordable price. All that is possible thank to the attentive organization of the productive process and to framework contracts with suppliers that allow to be highly competitive on the market.

Single Villas
available for purchase

Your independent villa in A4 class already projected with the possibility to interview on the finishes and on the internal disposition, at an affordable price starting from 299.000€ ( VAT, heading practices and other variations are excluded).

Have you got a land to build your villa?

If you have a building area you can realize your independent and customized villa, at a price of 250.000€ + VAT

Your new sigle villa at the cost of a normal flat of the same floor area of a block of flats!

Do you want to build your villa on a land that you saw for sale? Contact us and we deal with everything directly: for the assistance during the purchase of the land till the obtaining of the authorization.

Do you have any lands and do you want to enhance them?

GIPA is searching for building areas in enhance positions to realize single villas to propose to our own customers. Discover how your land, thanks to the ew building concept GIPA, can guarantee you a great market value. It will not be necessary to sell in a block all your area at a lower price.GIPA will be able to option your ground and step by step realize the single lot selling guaranteeing you a more elevated profit.

Vantaggi della villa singola



Have you got any doubts about your purchase? Check in our FAQ if we have already answered to your questions. Otherwise call our customer service, we will be glad to answer to every question in a total transparency.

What is GIPA?

GIPA Homes is a new concept of independent and ecologically sustainable villa, completely electric, built on a floor with traditional materials, with low running costs, customizable and ready in only 5 months. And all this at an affordable price. Security, responsibility end experience are ensured.Contact us for a data, we will be proud of showing personally our villas.

Where is it possible to see the completed GIPA villas?

There are a lot of GIPA villas already built and lived, Fix a data to see them personally in the closet location near to our offices in Lonato del Garda and Brescia.

How many net square meters is the house made of?

The finished house is about 100 square meters large and you have to add the garage 32 square meters and the patio, 27 square meters, for a total of more than 155 square meters. Our lots, where our villas are built go from a minimum of 500square meters to 600 square meters and more.

Is it possible to customize both internal and external?

Yes it is. The internal can be customized according to a lot of ways, among with the position of the walls, the kind of floors and toilets, the addition of power sockets and any other options that will be valued during the construction. The external can be customized too but with some slight limits due to the evaluation of reinforced concrete.

Which are the optional that can be added to my house?

Before thinking to optional we invite you to have a look at the terms of contract of your villa where you will discover that, without any further extra investments, you can live your house immediately.
. It is possible by the way to have a lot of options for your house. Among the most important there are:

  • Garden box including a carpet with automatic irrigato carpet, hedge on the perimeter with drip line zone, botanical environment and system lightning with at least three couples of lightning spheres with a changeable size;
  • Pool, generally proposed to the extent of 4x8 with overflow skimmer, including external shower, lights and sunbathing floor;
  • Conditioning system and alarm system (for them the predisposition is already included in the price) ;
  • · Mosquito nets, safe, centralized vacuum, implementation of power sockets and additional light points, e molto altro. Your customized villa! For every request we invite you. to contact us directly.

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Technical information
turnkey villa

Ville indipendenti personalizzabili
  • Independent villas
  • Customized in the distribution of internal spaces

Ville singole antisismiche
  • A4 class
  • Seismic
  • Strongly isolated

Ville indipendenti con garage doppio
  • Convenient car park space above ground for two cars
  • Automated gate
  • Video door phone

Ville in classe a4 con abbattimento dei ponti termici
  • Cutting of thermal bridges
  • Underfloor heating
  • Impianto fotovoltaico

Villa singola lago di garda con finiture d'eccellenza
  • Electrical aluminium roller shutters
  • Reinforced gate
  • Sliding doors

Ville con materiali di alta qualità
  • Wall-mounted sanitaries
  • Porcelain floor tile of first choice (internal and external)

  • Furniture box
  • Pool box
  • Garden box

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Vantaggi delle ville indipendenti

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GIPA Homes is an innovative concept created by ITC ITALIA s.r.l. which has been dealing with building for more than thirty years. Thanks to the considerable experience obtained it has been able to concretize a revolutionary process for the realization of villas with an extraordinary prize/quality value, using the recent technologies of building with particular attention to the energy saving.

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Here you can find the plans and the specifications of GIPA villas construction in a PDF format.

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